Connection issues with docker build inside a Kubernetes POD

Good morning to everyone.

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My issue I want to solve is:
We build and deliver docker container inside our CI chain based on Jenkins. The POD is created by
jenkins and has the following containers:

  • ISTIO Sidecar
  • Jenkins JNLP Slave
  • Build/Unittest Container
  • Docker-Build container.

The last container runs docker build. The Dockerfile includes pip install command, which want to
connect to the internet. Pulling the base image works but the pip commands does not, because they do
not get any connections into the internet.

I assume, that the Docker-Build container may access the internet because the SideCar allows it. I
assume, that the container created by docker build is running outside the POD, so that no rules from
ISTIO do allow connections to the internet?
If so, how do we solve this issue?

Thank you in advance.


Hi again,

we solved this issue by running docker build on the host network. So the interims container during
build use the network of the container in der POD of the jenkins slave. This works fine.

Well, hth to someone.

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