Debug envoy route

Hi everyone

I have two virtualservices configs

two configs, with same host, same destination service but two different versions( different version label).

i am confused, when i visit “http://mytest.mspace.svc.ab” , which one will be visit?

i check sidecar config, curl|grep -C50 “mytest.mspace.svc.ab”
i can see both configs.

so, how can i debug?

A question why i have you routed 100 weight to both subsets ? In my work in istio, always used subsets for traffic shifting 50/50 etc… and visualize it with kiali. In your case i firmly believe the kubernetes service has now to endpoints to which it can traverse too. Check kiali with traffic animation to see where it mostly routes. One more way of debugging is enable mixer logs at a debug level, you ll see which service is being accessed. By default mixer logs will be set to info level, so either portforward mixer (telemetry pod) and enable log at debug level.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

thanks for your reply

your suggestions are very useful to see which one is working.
However, I’m wondering, which one will absolutely work, and why is that one.

By the way, this discussion is all about finding how envoy works, absolutely not a suggestion how we should config.

what i want to know is :
when envoy got two logical conflict configs. how it route, and why envoy choose it.

thanks very much.