Filtering Traces

Is there anyway to filter out* traces? I was hoping to filter them as they create a load of noise but the Telemetry API is undocumented so not sure what to use.

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After searching around, I think I can get it to work with:

kind: Telemetry
  name: mesh-default
  namespace: istio-system
    mode: CLIENT
  - randomSamplingPercentage: 0  # spans still reported, but sampler disabled

Mode is undocumented in the normal Istio docs, but found it here.

@dansiviter I’m seeing this late. Your solution disables all client-side sampling, IIUC. Is that intentional, or are you looking for a more targeted disablement? The Telemetry API is still in its infancy. It’d be great to see if we were heading in the right direction (in general, as well as for your particular use case).