Helm install issue with master


First off I’d like to say I really like all the added options and enhancements that have been done with helm in master. However from my testing I cant seem to get it to actually bring up the cluster properly with the default values.yaml. (Note I did not try anything else) What I I believe is happening is that the security/cleanup-secrets job is being ran before other deployments can launch and subsequently, the secrets they need are not available. Is this expected behavior for master? Am I missing something somewhere config wise that I need to modify to prevent this from happening? And for educational purposes, why are these secrets being deleted if they’re needed for pods to start.



I wonder if you’re using an old version of helm? Those cleanup jobs are only supposed to run when you remove an installation. Also you might try using the release-1.1 branch or the latest 1.1 RC download instead of master?


Tried using release-1.1 branch and all works fine. Thanks.