Helm version for Istio 1.1


Hi! Istio 1.1 k8s helm instructions include a prerequisite of installing a helm client with a version higher than 2.10. But I see the tillerVersion: “>=2.7.2-0" at https://github.com/istio/istio/blob/3c42c08cc9ea67b5dd67844e362af56358160eed/install/kubernetes/helm/istio/Chart.yaml. Does the tiller version need to be higher than 2.10? OKE installs a tiller version 2.8 by default, for now, and I wanted to see what’s the actual requirement of Istio 1.1 and any implications of using the version 2.8. Thanks!




I’d strongly suggest using the latest version of Helm when using Istio. That said, the helm charts should work with older versions of Helm - atleast 2.7.2 or higher. I believe we specifically use 2.11 in our testing of the gate. There are too many variants of helm + tiller to test them all.

Tiller has varying behaviors when older versions are used with newer versions of Helm. For this reason, I strongly recommend using the kubectl apply deployment workflow. If that isn’t possible for you, I’d recommend using the same version of helm and tiller in addition to pinning the helm tiller daemon.