How to install Istio 1.3.1 without Tiller

I would like to install Istio 1.3.1 without Tiller for development. Whats my best option for doing this. I think I want to use helm template, but not sure what exact chart to use. Thanks

Just use Option #1 from the “Customizable Install with Helm” page. From other discussion, I think you want to use the demo profile to get the additional add-ons.

As another option (if the concern is about security of Tiller; or the annoyance of coupled Helm Client and Tiller versions) - we’ve had success with installing and upgrading Istio via the Tillerless Helm plugin via the helm tiller run -- helm upgrade --install blah style of usage

Ok, thanks for sharing.

I despise helm. The bonzai operator helps keep my sanity and keeps helm away.