How to integrate 3scale API with Istio 1.8

Hi All,

I am new to Istio, I have installed Istio 1.8 (4 days before) on openshift 4.6 cluster on azure. Looks like Istio works fine. I deployed two sample apps, bookinfo and httpbin both are working fine with external Ip as well as proper dns name in virtualservices.

Now I have to integrate 3Scale API with Istio. Almost all article on google search are with 3scale api mixer adopter. When I tried to install it, it gave error when I tried to create authorization-template. It produce below error.

[azureuser@OCP-installer 3scale-istio-adapter]$ oc create -f istio/authorization-template.yaml
error: unable to recognize “istio/authorization-template.yaml”: no matches for kind “template” in version “

when I list oc api-versions , was not there.

Then I search more and found that mixer is removed from Istio 1.8 version. On more search I got little knowledge that it replace by webassembly (if I understand correctly).

I have Istio installation with openshift mode and just add the sample addons and tested these two sample apps.

I did not found any way to integrate 3scale api with Istio 1.8. It would be great help if you can help me to get some direction or some link to accomplish this.

Thanks & Regards

Amit Bondwal

Hi Amit,

3scale uses a mixer adapter to integrate, and mixer is being deprecated in Istio.

I think that 3scale is working in a WASM plugin to replace the old one but you should contact with 3scale folks about when it will be ready.


Thanks Lucas for your kind comment, I will wait for that.