How to set istio-proxy log level?

I want to set istio-proxy sidecar log level to error.
I tried with the below configuration in istio-discovery helm-chart, but its not working. Still its printing info logs.

    image: proxyv2

    # This controls the 'policy' in the sidecar injector.
    autoInject: enabled

    # CAUTION: It is important to ensure that all Istio helm charts specify the same clusterDomain value
    # cluster domain. Default value is "cluster.local".
    clusterDomain: "cluster.local"

    # Per Component log level for proxy, applies to gateways and sidecars. If a component level is
    # not set, then the global "logLevel" will be used.
    componentLogLevel: "misc:error"

    # If set, newly injected sidecars will have core dumps enabled.
    enableCoreDump: false

    # Log level for proxy, applies to gateways and sidecars.
    # Expected values are: trace|debug|info|warning|error|critical|off
    logLevel: error

Istio version : 1.14.6
Istio Deployment Method: Helm-chart

Let me know if am missing any configuration.

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Did your istiod pods restart? I believe they must restart to re-read the configmap and send the new conf to the proxies.