Https:// repo PRs need a rebase

The following is only applicable to the OPERATOR repository:

As many may know, the Istio project is in the process of transitioning our circleci jobs nearly exclusively to prow. As far as I understand the TOC decision on this topic, we plan to keep one circleci e2e job to ensure testing is hermetic, at least for the 1.3 release. (TOC: feel free to correct my understanding of this decision).

As of July 12th, I finished the work needed (AFAIK) to transition to prow for the operator repository. If you are contributing to the operator repo, please take a moment to rebase your outstanding PRs to pick up the latest functional configuration for prow.

To force push this rebase, try the following gitfu from your shell:

(assumes you have a remote named upstream setup as per the developer wiki.

git fetch upstream
git rebase upstream/master
git push -f origin/branch

If that results in a non-push, you can always amend a PR with a text file modification in the repo, then push the text file modification, then undo the modification with your favorite editor, then force push the resulting change.

When I find time, I will add this to the developer wiki.


You shouldn’t need to rebase to pick up new prow changes. just /retest. Prow will automatically rebase your pr before running tests

indeed a rebase is necessary as circlecli configs were changed. /retest has no affect on circlecli.