Installation Options (istioctl) - How to set HTTP probe rewrite

Hi everyone,

I started to migrate our Istio control plane installation today and noticed that the istioctl installation options do not provide a dedicated setting to configure the HTTP probe rewrite.

I can set the HTTP probe rewrite by using the Helm pass-through API but this is not mentioned explicitly anywhere in the docs.

Is there anything I am missing or will this be added in the future?

Hi, you should be able to do something like --set values.sidecarInjectorWebhook.rewriteAppHTTPProbe=x
(or the equivalent in YAML file).
In 1.5+ the APIs are being restructured and these type of config settings will move to a “runtime” config for the control plane. But this will take a while so we’re continuing with the helm APIs for the time being for everything except setting resources, enablement and namespaces.
The bottom line is please use the passthrough API. We will provide a migration tool when the new APIs are ready.

Thank you so much for the heads up! I am looking forward to the runtime config for the control plane.