Insufficient resources error

I got this error with istiod.

0/1 nodes are available: 1 Insufficient cpu. preemption: 0/1 nodes are available: 1 No preemption victims found for incoming pod.

But resources are there.

C:\Users\vmadmin\Desktop>kubectl top nodes
NAME                              CPU(cores)   CPU%   MEMORY(bytes)   MEMORY%
aks-npwin-40374957-vmss000008   506m         13%    5400Mi          19%

The resource limits in istiod.


Why still getting this error?

Hi. You’ll need to have more CPU resources there. It seems to tight.

kubectl describe node aks-npwin-40374957-vmss000008 will show you how much resources are already requested in said node. If you have less than 500m CPU available, considering the total resources.requests in the node, the pod will stay in pending state until you provide a new node.

kubectl top nodes only shows the current usage, not the total resources requested.