Istio-pilot component pod is in pending state

I have minikube installed on Linux vm and I preparing Istio installation with mTLS. istio-pilot pod is in pending state.
Pod description below:
root@asdf:/istio-1.0.5# kubectl describe deployment istio-pilot -n istio-system
Name: istio-pilot
Namespace: istio-system
CreationTimestamp: Tue, 15 Jan 2019 19:07:13 +0000
Labels: app=istio-pilot
Annotations: checksum/config-volume: f8da08b6b8c170dde721efd680270b2901e750d4aa186ebb6c22bef5b78a43f9 1
Selector: app=pilot,istio=pilot
Replicas: 1 desired | 1 updated | 1 total | 0 available | 1 unavailable
StrategyType: RollingUpdate
MinReadySeconds: 0
RollingUpdateStrategy: 1 max unavailable, 1 max surge

This is sounds like resources limit issue. Minikube default memory is 2048 MB which is not enough for Istio. You need to have at least 4096 MB in order to get Istio components up and running. Try to restart Minikube with 4096 MB : minikube start --memory=4096 --disk-size=30g

I am facing the same issue on kubernetes cluster on AWS. I followed the Quickstart and deployed the bookinfo application. But the istio-pilot pod remains in the pending state.

I checked the memory,disk pressure, and it is okay (no pressure).

Can anyone help me?

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Same issue here… any ideas besides resource limit issue?

Hello, I am having the same issues in AWS

@jorge-fans, Could you post the logs ?

@rafik8 When I do a kubectl describe pods istio-pilot-77854c7f84-z42vv -n istio-system I see I don’t have enough memory.

  Type     Reason            Age                  From               Message
  ----     ------            ----                 ----               -------
  Warning  FailedScheduling  39s (x8 over 2m11s)  default-scheduler  0/7 nodes are available: 7 Insufficient memory.

I don’t get logs when I try to get logs for this pods

Ok, I see. You have insuffisant memory to spin up all Istio components. I am not sure if the value of 4GB I mentioned earlier still relevant as Istio resource request have changed since. Could you tell me which profile you are using(Istio minimal, Istio demo …)?
Could you also put the configuration of your Kubernetes Cluster (nodes, RAM and CPU)?

I am using the default configuration for Istio. My nodes instances are t3.small. Which have 2.0 Gib of Memory. Maybe I will change the instance type for t3.medium and come back later with the result.


Hello everyone. Sorry for the delay. @rafik8. So at the end I just change my nodes instance types from t3.small (2gb memory) to t3.medium (4gb memory) and all my pods are up.
Thank you

Great, thanks for the update.