Istio 1.5 Testing Day-3 Today [2/28/2020]

Hello Istio Community,

We are planning to have another testing session today (Day-3) for the 1.5 release (February 28th, 8am PST[11am EST/4pm UTC] - 12pm PST[3pm EST/8pm UTC]). We will be using the Istio 1.5 Community Testing Sign-up Sheet to track all the testing efforts for this release. The Getting Started sheet in the testing spreadsheet contains instructions on how to help with testing efforts. The time and hangout link can be found in the Istio Community Calendar

For more details related to testing day, please refer to the original announcement for the 1.5 community testing event .

We appreciate your time and help towards helping us test the 1.5 release.

From the 1.5 release managers:

Francois Pesce
Daniel Grimm
Mariam John

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