Istio 1.6 Community Testing Day 2 (May 11, 2020)


As the release of Istio 1.6 draws near we are planning to hold another Community Testing Day on May 11, 2020 from 9am PST to 12pm PST.

To add this event to your calendar please visit the Istio Community Calendar. On the day of the event we will be conducting a Google Hangout with members of our community as we test and verify Istio 1.6 and its documentation.

To sign-up for testing, please see the Istio 1.6 Community Testing Sign-up Sheet. Please read the “Getting Started” tab of the Community Test Sign-up Sheet and do not hesitate to ask any questions or participate in testing, writing issues or automating tests. If you do not have access to view the document please Join the Istio Community and ask for read access to our shared Google Drive account.

Any and all help in testing the Istio 1.6 release candidate will help us in successfully delivering Istio 1.6. Thank you.

From the 1.6 release managers:

Brian Avery
Iris Ding
Jacob Delgado

Reminder: This is happening on Monday.

Testing will be starting in a few moments!

The hangouts is

Sorry for the bad link