Istio 1.7 Testing Day 2

As the release of 1.7 draws near we are planning on holding multiple Community Testing Days to validate the new release. Unlike previous community testing days these testing days will be offline so there will be no google meet links, or blocks of time. The second sign up day is today the 4th of August.

To sign-up for testing, please see the Istio 1.7 Community Testing Sign-up Sheet . Please read the “Getting Started” tab of the Community Test Sign-up Sheet and do not hesitate to ask any questions or participate in testing, writing issues or automating tests. If you do not have access to view the document please Join the Istio Community and ask for read access to our shared Google Drive account.

Any and all help in testing the Istio 1.7 release candidate will help us in successfully delivering Istio 1.7.

Thank you,
Cynthia Coan on behalf of the Istio 1.7 Release Managers