ISTIO mesh expansion for RHEL/CentOS

Hello team,

How soon we expect a mesh expansion configuration for RHEL/CentOS vms.

Main blocker is automating the build of envoy on Centos or at least with same libc - the binary produced by current builder has a different libc version, and won’t run on Centos.

I have a PR to generate the RPM and adjust the systemd and few other things - Josh tested it with a custom build of envoy.


Hi Costin Manolache,

Thank you for response, custom build envoy and steps (to adujust systemd and few other things) to configure mesh expansion on RHEL/CentOS are available to public ?


Red Hat has this sorted internally; can we get one of them to help with this?

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I had heard Envoy builds were available via COPR (Fedora’a public build system). I didn’t hunt too hard, but a quick search shows some action on Istio in COPR:

I’ve been talking to Theo and Josh about doing just this, we are meeting later this week to go through the specifics. Give us a few days and we should have something more to report.


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Jonh and I have just met with Theo and discussed the issue, Jonh will be working on this from now onwards. There are two different approaches we can use

  • rely on copr as the build environment to ensure we have a clean CentOS build, this would be similar to the builds we already have in copr (See Steve’s reply earlier)
  • run the build within a container so it can be built locally but remain isolated from the build environment

Jonh will first look at the container approach but we may switch to using copr


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