Istio on Kubernetes 1.16

Kubernetes 1.16 is available now! I am just about to install Istio. Should I go with 1.15 or 1.16. Any issues with installing on 1.16 at this time?

Istio 1.3 supports Kubernetes 1.13-1.15. However, we have done some testing on Kubernetes 1.16, and things seem fine. However, I would suggest waiting until Istio 1.4 which will official support Kubernetes 1.16 if possible

When is alpha for Istio 1.4 expected? I need to install a version of Istio tomorrow for development and need to know what is the best version to start a development project on so that upgrade is easiest. Its a long term project so I think I have six months maybe before release of anything.

See for info about 1.4. I would highly recommend you install 1.3.1

Ok, thanks. I will install it.