Istio sidecar upgrade

Hi All, While performing istio upgrades, istio doc mentioned to use the below command to upgrade the sidecar in the running applications, but when we try this command it is throwing us the error.

kubectl rollout restart deployment --namespace default

rollout restart requires kubectl 1.15+. Since it’s implemented client-side within kubectl you can use this on older clusters without issue. We’ve been using it on 1.12 and 1.13 clusters for some time.

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Thanks ChadWilson :slight_smile: its working fine now.
But our EKS cluster is 1.13, is it recommended to use kubectl client 1.15 for 1.13?

Technically the policy is for one minor version older/newer according to however given you are using EKS, and thus not managing the kube master via kubectl; personally I view this as low risk. But this is not official advice, just thoughts from a fellow user :slight_smile:

FWIW, 1.14 is out for EKS now, so you could upgrade your master/api server.