Kiali authentication

Hi, all,
I am new to istio , I have install isitio, kiali, grafana, ingress, etc as per given document in EKS, can anyone suggest me how can in configure kiali dashboard authentication either using token or username/password, by default it logged in as anonymous user who have all rights on dashboard.


So, first, the reason why it is anonymous by default is you are most likely using the Istio out-of-box Kiali addon, which sets its auth mode to anonymous. But realize that the Kiali addon is not really to be used in production situations - it is really just an example to help get you up and running to demo things. Please see Istio / Kiali where it says, “This is intended for demonstration only, and is not tuned for performance or security.”

To install with token auth or other auth strategies (such as OpenID) see the Kiali docs at Authentication Strategies | Kiali

Additional install docs (to describe how you can install Kiali via its operator or helm) can be found here: Installation Guide | Kiali