`kubectl get all` doesn't show istio resources

Using Istio 1.51 bundled with microk8s 1.18.3

I have installed the bookinfo sample which is working fine.

Running kubectl get all the istio resources are not listed, is it intentional?

$ kubectl get all

NAME                                  READY   STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
pod/details-v1-6fc55d65c9-pbsgx       2/2     Running   2          23h
pod/productpage-v1-7f44c4d57c-fsqs2   2/2     Running   2          23h
pod/ratings-v1-6f855c5fff-j8mrw       2/2     Running   2          23h
pod/reviews-v1-54b8794ddf-q4p8d       2/2     Running   2          23h
pod/reviews-v2-c4d6568f9-mcmt8        2/2     Running   2          23h
pod/reviews-v3-7f66977689-f7547       2/2     Running   2          23h

NAME                  TYPE        CLUSTER-IP       EXTERNAL-IP   PORT(S)    AGE
service/details       ClusterIP   <none>        9080/TCP   23h
service/productpage   ClusterIP     <none>        9080/TCP   23h
service/ratings       ClusterIP   <none>        9080/TCP   23h
service/reviews       ClusterIP    <none>        9080/TCP   23h

NAME                             READY   UP-TO-DATE   AVAILABLE   AGE
deployment.apps/details-v1       1/1     1            1           23h
deployment.apps/productpage-v1   1/1     1            1           23h
deployment.apps/ratings-v1       1/1     1            1           23h
deployment.apps/reviews-v1       1/1     1            1           23h
deployment.apps/reviews-v2       1/1     1            1           23h
deployment.apps/reviews-v3       1/1     1            1           23h

NAME                                        DESIRED   CURRENT   READY   AGE
replicaset.apps/details-v1-6fc55d65c9       1         1         1       23h
replicaset.apps/productpage-v1-7f44c4d57c   1         1         1       23h
replicaset.apps/ratings-v1-6f855c5fff       1         1         1       23h
replicaset.apps/reviews-v1-54b8794ddf       1         1         1       23h
replicaset.apps/reviews-v2-c4d6568f9        1         1         1       23h
replicaset.apps/reviews-v3-7f66977689       1         1         1       23h

However, when I query for the isto resources explicitly, they do show up:

$ kubectl get virtualservice
NAME          GATEWAYS             HOSTS           AGE
bookinfo      [bookinfo-gateway]   [*]             23h

$ kubectl get gateway
NAME               AGE
bookinfo-gateway   23h

kubectl get all -n istio-system

Sorry but this only shows the resources in the istio-system namespace.

What I wanted was to review the itsio resources created by the bookinfo sample. These are shown in the bottom of my initial post (kubectl get virtualservice and kubectl get gateway).

It seems that kubectl get all doesn’t list all resources by design. For whcih reason I don’t know.

The best work around I could find is this Stackoverflow answer given in this link (it is better than the official tagged answer) Listing all resources in a namespace