Self Nomination for Steven Dake (sdake)

Hello, my friends,

I am pleased to self-nominate to serve as an Environment’s Workgroup co-lead. I’ve been in this role since around 2017.

I have numerous leadership experience positions, including leading several large scale open source projects (corosync, heat, magnum, kolla) s as well as serving on the board of directors of the OpenStack foundation.

I’d like to share what I think is important for our workgroup to solve during 2020:

  • Become more organized about how we plan and execute work
  • Solve (continuously) our backlog of high priority issues
  • Automate operations while also retaining the ability for very large scale operators to manage Istio using custom workflows
  • Unify multicluster technologies into a coherent model that operators can use
  • Make connecting virtual machines to a service mesh a first clast technology in Istio across cloud providers

I would be pleased to accept your vote of confidence in the objectives I want to see us tackle in the remainder of this year and 2020.


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