Self nomination for Martin Ostrowski

Hi everyone,
I’d like to nominate myself for Environments WG co-lead.
I’ve been a SW developer and architect in the networking space for over twenty years, working at every size of company along the way. I’ve enjoyed working with a truly diverse group of people and have built some great working relationships during that time.
I love to engineer solutions and write code, but even more so I really enjoy helping teams reach a common goal. Within Istio, I kick-started and worked with many folks in the community to reach the first release for Operator in 1.3.
Apart from the group charter, my main goal for Istio Environments WG would be to focus on simplifying the user experience. I’d like to see the group work with the UX and other teams to reduce the learning curve and remove pain points in Istio.
I would appreciate your vote and promise to serve to the best of my abilities if selected.
Martin Ostrowski