Setup Istio-MultiCluster in same network

Trying to setup istio-multi cluster with in same network
Step1 setup two k8s cluster with different cluster/context name(primary-cluster and remote-cluster)
Setup for primary cluster is done using link: Istioldie 1.7 / Shared control plane (single and multiple networks)

Steps followed as per link Istio / Install Primary-Remote
Step-1 create two k8s clusters in GCP VMs (name cluster1 with one master and two worker nodes for each cluster)
Step-2 followed the link [Istio / Install Primary-Remote]
create cluster1.yaml as per above link
→ istioctl install --set values.pilot.env.EXTERNAL_ISTIOD=true --context=“${CTX_CLUSTER1}” -f cluster1.yaml
export CTX_CLUSTER1 = kubernetes-admin@cluster1 <<set while init the master using kubeadm and verify using “kubectl config get-contexts”>>
Step-3 install east-west gateway
[samples/multicluster/ --mesh mesh1 --cluster cluster1 --network network1 | istioctl --context=“${CTX_CLUSTER1}” install -y -f - ]
Step-4 expose control plan in cluster1
[kubectl apply --context=“${CTX_CLUSTER1}” -n istio-system -f samples/multicluster/expose-istiod.yaml]
Step-5 Set the controlplane for cluster2
[kubectl --context=“${CTX_CLUSTER2}” annotate namespace istio-system] value of CTX_CLUSTER2=“kubernetes-admin@cluster2” set in env
Step-6 configure cluster2 as remote
[export DISCOVERY_ADDRESS=$(kubectl --context=“${CTX_CLUSTER1}” -n istio-system get svc istio-eastwestgateway -o jsonpath=‘{.status.loadBalancer.ingress[0].ip}’)]
→ here set the external static_ip in VPC → IP and export DISCOVERY_ADDRESS=<<static_IP>>

Step-7 create cluster2.yaml as per the link with istiodRemote: as
injectionPath: /inject/cluster/cluster2/net/network1
remotePilotAddress: ${DISCOVERY_ADDRESS}
[istioctl install --context=“${CTX_CLUSTER2}” -f cluster2.yaml]


Attach cluster2 as a remote cluster of cluster1

[istioctl x create-remote-secret --context=“${CTX_CLUSTER2}” --name=cluster2 | kubectl apply -f - --context=“${CTX_CLUSTER1}”]

Step-8 # verify the installation [Istio / Verify the installation]

Deploy Helloworld v1 in cluster1 – done successful
[kubectl apply --context=“${CTX_CLUSTER1}” -f samples/helloworld/helloworld.yaml -l version=v1 -n sample]

Deploy helloworld v2 in cluster2
[kubectl apply --context=“${CTX_CLUSTER2}” -f samples/helloworld/helloworld.yaml -l version=v2 -n sample]

getting error in remote cluster2
[replicaset-controller Error creating: Internal error occurred: failed calling webhook “”: failed to call webhook: Post “https://istiod.istio-system.svc:443/inject/cluster/cluster3/net/network1?timeout=10s”: dial tcp i/o timeout]
as per error the cluster2 process is trying to connect the cluster2 local istio-ip( ideally it has to connect to cluster1 istiod ip

Any suggestion or guidance where I am wrong or missing any steps or configuration.

troubleshooting steps. once i remove istio-injection- the cluster2 starts working fine as independent cluster. but as a remote cluster2 it is not getting or trying connect to controlplace of cluster1
Any suggestions are most welcome

Judging by the first link, you’re using an unsupported version of (1.7). Other than that, check the troubleshooting multicluster doc (but my bet would be on an unsupported Istio version).