Visualizing Egress Gateway in Jaeger

I have Istio 1.8.2 installed and I am trying to get the request duration for HTTPS calls that go to third party services. I set up an egress gateway, but cannot see the gateway in Jaeger. I have propagated the tracing headers to my https call like so (I am using Go):

var span opentracing.Span
span, *ctx = opentracing.StartSpanFromContext(*ctx, "3p-service")
if span != nil {
defer span.Finish()

after which I make the http request call.
Would anyone have any advice or other workarounds to getting the 3rd party call request durations.
Thanks in advance!

Other things I have tried:
I have also tried converting http to https with tls origination
I have also tried getting custom metrics using an istio operator config