Integrating Jaeger tracing using Telemetry API

I haven’t been able to make jaeger tracing work using the Telemetry API in my ecosystem. I have installed istio v1.16.1 using helm
Here is my declaration of the tracing provider

        accessLogFile: /dev/stdout
        accessLogEncoding: JSON
          - localTrace
        - name: localTrace
            service: jaeger-collector.jaeger.svc.cluster.local
            port: 9411

Here is the Telemetry CR I have deployed:

kind: Telemetry
  name: trace-mesh
  namespace: istio-system
  - providers:
    - name: "localTrace"
    randomSamplingPercentage: 100.00

I can verify from the envoy sidecar proxy config on one of the pods that the provider config is being read just fine

"provider": {
                              "name": "envoy.tracers.zipkin",
                              "typed_config": {
                                "@type": "",
                                "collector_cluster": "outbound|9411||jaeger-collector.jaeger.svc.cluster.local",
                                "collector_endpoint": "/api/v2/spans",
                                "collector_endpoint_version": "HTTP_JSON",
                                "collector_hostname": "jaeger-collector.jaeger.svc.cluster.local",
                                "shared_span_context": false,
                                "trace_id_128bit": true

but I still don’t see any spans in my Jaeger UI.
Can anyone help me with the next set of steps to debug this down?

I could verify that headers like RESP(X-B3-TRACEID) have non null values for the incoming requests and also REQ(X-B3-SAMPLED) is set to 1 on all of them. So envoy could be doing its job just fine. Somehow the interaction between envoy and the jaeger collector isn’t happening as desired

To close the thread, this was an issue with our jaeger-collector deployment