Set tracing to external Jaeger collector multi cluster environment

Hi, I’ve a multicluster environment with a shared control plane.
On the primary cluster I’ve a jaeger collector installed and it collects the span from the primary cluster.
I’ve edited the istio configmap on the second cluster (in order to send spans to the jaeger collector on the primary cluster) and set enableTracing: true and address: myendpoint:myport but it does not work and it does not collect anything.
Is there anything else I need to do? I’ve to restart something?

Someone can help?
I’ve made another test, once I installed a jaeger collector with the all-in-one jaeger-kubernetes I’m trying to send tracing on this server.
I put this on the istio configmap:

\   zipkin:\n      # Address of the Zipkin collector\n      address: jaeger-collector.jaeger:9411

But the only thing I can see on the jaeger query interface is “jaeger-query” under service dropdown.


Have you checked out: ?

Hi @objectiser, thanks for your reply.
After read the page you send me I solved the problem with “single-cluster” tracing. I’m not able to solve the multicluster conf otherwise.
Have you some suggestion or link I can watch?