Do the Kiali shows traffic going outside mesh with mTLS icon

I am unable to see the mTLS icon (enabled Security checkbox also in the Display option) in Kiali UI for traffic going outside the mesh.

We are reaching to Kafka on 9093 port with mTLS enabled from strimzi bridge. Strimzi Kafka outside mesh and bridge is inside mesh.

Any idea ?..

There was a Kiali issue regarding the lock icon showing on TCP edges. This was not really a Kiali issue because Kiali is just showing what the Istio telemetry reports. We opened an Istio issue. Although never formally fixed, we did notice that the behavior improved using Istio 1.15. So perhaps a tangential fix had a positive effect. Try Istio 1.15+. Note that the other possibility is that due to some misconfiguration you are not actually using mTLS. You should be able to check that manually.