Getting Started - kiali - error - Cannot load the graph-Need your help

Cannot load the graph

unable to proxy Istiod pods. Make sure your Kubernetes API server has access to the Istio control plane through 8080 port

This was reported back in January but the bug report was closed due to very little detail provided and no replication steps were given. I suggest you ask to reopen this bug report here: but please provide more details other than a screenshot of an error message. Details such as:

  • What version of Kiali?
  • What version of Istio?
  • Are there any warnings/errors in the kiali pod logs?
  • How did you install Kiali?
  • Anything else that might help debug your situation (custom Istio configuration? custom Kiali configuration?)

kiali version: v1.45.0
istio version: 1.13.2
OS:Ubuntu 20.04 64