Helm install error (chart.yaml not found)

hi EveryOne,

when I try to install istio using helm, I get an error with the chart.yaml file. how can I solve that ?

my install of example :

helm template istio --namespace istio-system --set prometheus.enabled=false --set kiali.enabled=true --set kiali.createDemoSecret=true --set kiali.prometheusAddr=“http://prometheus-locally:9090/” --set “kiali.dashboard.grafanaURL=https://servicio.locallly.es/grafana/” --set grafana.enabled=true --set grafana.datasources.datasources.datasources.url=“https://servicio.locallly.es/grafana/” > istio.yaml

Error: Chart.yaml file is missing

but , If I try to give it that value, it gives me a mistake, for example:

helm template --values /root/istio/istio-1.9.0/Chart.yaml istio --namespace istio-system
etc… etc…

Error: Chart.yaml file is missing ----> the error its the same… please …please…help me !!!

Many many thanks.