Include external services in Kiali graph

Is it possible to get Kiali to include external services in the service mesh graph? I have a pod that connects to external services like an AWS RDS instance and it would be cool to see traffic monitoring for that connection. I added the instance as ServiceEntry thinking that would make it show up in the graph, but sadly, it didn’t.

Hi, what version of Kiali are you using?
Perhaps this can be relevant -

Support for external services was first added about ~5 month ago in, but that support has evolved somewhat.

If I’m not wrong, we have been testing that support only with HTTP services, but AWS RDS is, most likely, TCP traffic. So, this may be a point to test.

Could you, please, post an example of your ServiceEntry so that we can first discard any special configuration we may not be validating?

Thanks @abonas and @edgarHz, your comments made me realize I was running an older version. I upgraded to the latest (0.14) and it worked as expected :smiley:

@kenske Glad to see that it’s working as expected :blush: