Istio 1.1 / daily - BYO prometheus via Operator

Hi, for us that are running a operator managed prometheus how can I integrate this with istio ?

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We haven’t developed support for the Prometheus Operator yet. It is on the roadmap, but has not yet been tackled. If you have the time and inclination, any work done in that direction would be very welcome.

The config that Istio uses for Prometheus can be found here: There are a few jobs that would be necessary to map over to your setup, including istio-mesh.

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How is it with support for BYO of the other components then like Grafana etc?

I couldn’t see that there was a easy way to plugin istio to that.

For grafana, if you have an existing instance, you should be able to just import the dashboards from the repo.

@Endre_Karlson Please take a look at We are actively seeking feedback on this approach. Thanks!