1.1 Doc Kick-Off Meeting


I setup a meeting for this coming Friday to get a plan together for the 1.1 docs. I’ve explicitly invited a few folks to this, but anyone is welcome. The meeting is on the working group calendar, and here’s a link to it:


See you there.



Here’s a doc with some infrastructure-level ideas to improve the quality of our doc set: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1EEo-ZxPVVPcjmSMOhjrbrAwjV_dWNVj6B1hWu-JgDtw/edit#heading=h.qex63c29z2to


If you plan to attend the doc meeting tomorrow, please do review the note doc in order to form opinions on the many topics so we can have a fruitful discussion.



Thanks to folks that participated in the call today. Here’s a link to the recording.

Follow-ups from the meeting are:

  • Produce clearer notes about the outcome of the kick-off meeting. I’ll put these in the team drive.
  • Schedule a follow-on meeting to identity the specific work items for 1.1.
  • Kickstart the process to form an official Docs working group to track this kind of effort moving forward.

Thanks again.


Hi geeknoid,

I just want to say it is really very important for the deliverable of chinesehe docs. If anything I can do for the Istio translation , please contact me.



If you’d like to help with the Chinese translation work, please get in touch with the Service Mesher Community. These folks have done a great job working on translation for us.