GitHub Issue and Pull Request Lifecycle Manager

Hi gang,

You might notice a bunch of emails this morning from GitHub regarding a slew of issues and pull requests. This is the result of the new lifecycle manager of the Istio policy bot. This manager will help us get a handle on the project’s issues, and help us stay on top of pull requests. You can read about what the manager does here.

The first step in rolling out lifecycle management was to label a bunch of issues and PRs to help us act on them. Here are the specific labels and what they mean:

  • lifecycle/needs-triage. An issue or PR that hasn’t been looked at by an Istio team member yet.

  • lifecycle/needs-escalation. A P0 or Release Blocker issue that hasn’t received any attention from an Istio team member in a few days.

  • lifecycle/stale. An issue or PR that hasn’t been worked on by an Istio team member in weeks.

  • lifecycle/staleproof. A human-applied annotation to indicate a particular issue or PR can never be stale or automatically closed.

  • lifecycle/to-be-closed. An annotation to indicate an issue or PR is very old and will be automatically closed in a week. This is a temporary label used for the initial roll out of the manager, to give us time to clean things up before auto-closing a bunch of issues. After the initial rollout of the lifecycle manager is finished, this label will be replaced with lifecycle/automatically-closed instead, used to indicate a PR or issue was auto-closed due to being stale for a long time.

Call to action:

  • Release Managers: Please look at any item labeled as “lifecycle/needs escalation” and decide on a course of action.

  • Project Maintainers: Please look at any item labeled as “lifecycle/needs triage” and triage the items. Once you’re done, remove the label. Most items are already labeled with the area/XXX labels, so you can narrow the query to list only items needing triage for your area(s). Note triage means: assign a priority, a milestone, add/correct labels, close the item, assign the item, etc.

  • Everyone: Please look at issues labeled as “lifecycle/stale” or “lifecycle/to-be-closed”. If you don’t think the item should be stale or closed, either comment on the item to keep it alive for another little while, or label it with “lifecycle/staleproof” to keep it alive indefinitely.

ZenHub is a good way to look at items across repos to get a full view of things.

Current stats:

  • 62 items marked with needs escalation

  • 426 items marked with needs triage

  • 47 items marked with stale

  • 301 items marked with to be closed

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Thanks for sharing this @geeknoid! :+1: