Question about Istio roadmap

Hi All,

I’m a newbie to Istio but like to contribute to this thriving community. I stumbled into the fileIstio Roadmap 2021 but have difficulties to identify which areas in Istio needs help in that spreadsheets, because in it I see many stable features are still listed for the 2021 roadmap.

So I would appreciate if anyone can shed some light on how to read that spreadsheets.

Besides, I see there are more than 900 open issues and wondering if there are any low-hanging-fruit issues for newbies like me to get my feet wet. Thanks!

This is great news! We have a pretty standard track to getting started. First you should join a working group and listen in on the meetings. (You can watch previous meetings on Istios youtube channel). As for issues, there is a label “Good first issue”. Links below

Start Here -
Working Groups -
Good first issue -"community%2Fgood+first+issue"