Head up: use github reviews, not the debuffed /lgtm

Hello again!

tl;dr -

  • Use github reviews to lgtm and approve PRs.
  • The /lgtm command will stop approving PRs next week (but will continue to lgtm).

Please now use github reviews in order to approve PRs. Prow will translate them into the correct /approve and /lgtm commands.

An approving github review will now serve as both a /lgtm and /approve comment. This better matches normal github behavior, especially for newcomers. Prow’s lgtm and approve plugins actually predate github’s PR review functionality, which is why we did not just start out using it.

As you may expect, a review requesting changes now serves as /lgtm cancel and /approve cancel comment.

The /lgtm and /approve commands will continue to exist, but the behavior of /lgtm will soon change:

  • The /lgtm command will no longer change the approved status.
  • Please use an approving github review and/or the /approve command to approve PRs.

These commands may still be useful for community experts in certain scenarios (you want to only lgtm without approving, for some reason, or visa versa).

You can start using github reviews to lgtm and approve PRs today.

Next week /lgtm will start only lgtming and stop approving.

Tracking issue and more details: https://github.com/istio/test-infra/issues/1433


Note that this will go live today!

Please prefer a github approve / review requested to approve / disapprove of PRs.